Florida heat pump Mfg.

                                          Geothermal Heat Pump Equipment



         Geothermal heat pum                        4 Ton Geothermal         

             4 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump                              4 Ton Geothermal Heat pump



         Florida heat pump geothermal unit                      Geothermal flow center

     4 Ton Aquarius II Well Source Geothermal                                Geothermal flow center 



     Split system geothermal                    ECM high efficiency motor

           3 Ton  Split System Geothermal                                          ECM Blower with electric heat


 Geothermal Installation and Closed Ground Loop



       Installation of geothernal                        Trench

        Custom sheet metal fabrication                                      Trench to house


       Geothermal Drilling                      Geothermal vertical loop

            Vertical closed loop drilling                                        Single Vertical ground loop


     Fusion welding      

     Fusion welded Polyethylene loop





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